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What Affects Your Pool Construction Timeline?

We can understand what it’s like to be excited about your new pool construction. An in-ground pool in your very own backyard offers you a relaxing personal oasis, as well as something to enjoy with your friends and family. Although we’re only into February now, the right pool could be the very thing that makes your summer. But an in-ground pool is a construction project, and one that happens outdoors. Because of this, there are factors that could affect your pool construction timeline.


One of the main factors that can influence your pool construction timeline is weather. Pool construction can’t be done in the rain, for instance, stormy days will probably spell delays for your pool. You can have a vinyl or fiberglass pool, which makes for a quick installation, but concrete pools will last longer, and this needs time to dry, as well as for the coating to cure. It’s best to do this on a day that’s not too hot, so your pool will dry evenly. On the rare occasion that College Station receives snow in winter, this can also halt pool construction.

Zoning Laws

Before you start on your pool construction project, check the zoning laws for College Station. There may be certain permits needed before you can break ground. Acquiring these permits can take time, although usually you’ll be given a rough timeline for these permits to go through. Speak to the pool construction professionals you plan to work with, as well. They might already have the required permits or have some expertise that can help you along the process.

The Existing Space

Is your backyard fairly bare? All that’s needed is to break ground and start the construction? Or do you have a deck that needs to be taken apart, a walkway that runs through the place you’d like the pool to go, a gazebo that no longer serves you? The construction crew may need to take existing structures apart before they can start installing your pool, which can add to the pool construction timeline.

The Pool Construction Company’s Schedule

Like all other construction companies, pool construction companies have peak seasons and low seasons. In spring and summer, they can be quite busy, while in autumn and winter, they tend to be less so. While this likely won’t affect the pool construction timeline once construction starts, it can delay the start of the project and limit their availability. By having your pool installed in winter or early spring, you may beat some of the summer rush.

At Donnelly Pools, LLC, we strive to build you the best in-ground pool in the best time, and we’re happy to keep you in the loop of any potential delays or setbacks. Ready to have your own pool installed? Contact Donnelly Pools, LLC today for more information or to get started with a free quote.

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