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Everything You Need To Know About Purchasing a Pool During a Pandemic

Summer is the perfect time to have a backyard pool. You can enjoy the cool water and gentle swimming exercises all year long, for yourself and your family or for guests if you choose to throw a pool party. But last summer, many would-be pool owners had their plans thrown off by a global pandemic that shut down many services and the possibility of spending time with friends and family outside of your household. Now as we approach summer of 2021, we’re beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have to be cautious. So what should you know about purchasing an in-ground pool during a pandemic.

Pool Construction Is an “Essential Business”

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a lot of conversation surrounding “essential” and “non-essential” businesses. Grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations, for instance, were all essential. Bars and clubs less so. Essential businesses had to stay open throughout the pandemic, using proper safety procedures to try to slow the spread of COVID, because people relied on those businesses.

These days, even non-essential businesses are slowly beginning to open again, but it might not be all of them, and some are rather limited. But pool construction professionals, along with most home improvement professionals, are considered essential. All throughout the pandemic, you would be able to purchase an in-ground pool, and that’s certainly still the case now.

Safety Precautions When Installing a Pool During the Pandemic

The good news is that, unlike many home improvement projects, pool installation is typically an outdoor job. You can stay safely away from the construction and the team, communicating with the project manager only when necessary. Additionally, everyone on the crew wears face masks, gloves, and proper equipment in order to help prevent the spread of germs and COVID-19. You can, of course, pay online and digitally, so this part of the process is safe during the pandemic.

The Popularity of Backyard Pools During the Pandemic

If anything, the popularity of backyard pools has gone up since the pandemic began. Public pools are closed, and many have had to cancel their vacation plans. A backyard pool allows you to still enjoy the summer weather and your favorite water activities even while staying at home. It can make staying home more entertaining while waiting for a vaccination. Because of this, many in-ground pool installation companies are rather busy at this time. If you have one that you can enjoy with your family, make sure that only members of your household or vaccinated friends use it, and that everyone washes thoroughly before getting in the pool and after getting out.

If you’re looking for a backyard pool to enjoy while you’re waiting for the end of the pandemic, Donnelly Pools, LLC can help. Contact us today to learn more about the pools we have available for purchase and installation, as well as our procedures in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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