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Creating the Perfect Summer Vibes Around Your Backyard Pool

For some homeowners, simply having an in-ground pool is enough to create the summer vibe they want for their backyard. However, others like the idea of surrounding their pool with landscaping and design choices that really enhance the space and make it the perfect summer oasis. If you’re interested in the latter, this is the blog for you. Today, we’ll get into tips for creating the perfect summer vibes that incorporate and in fact center around your backyard pool.

Keep It Low Maintenance

One thing to keep in mind if you plan to landscape or plant around your in-ground pool is to keep things low maintenance. You want something that won’t shed too many leaves into the pool, making more trouble for you when it comes to cleaning them. For the plants’ sake, you want plants that stay green all year long and can handle any possible splashes of water. Evergreen shrubs are a popular choice, and further back, succulents offer a wonderful aesthetic and a low maintenance solution.

Factor In Entertaining

A backyard pool is a great way to enjoy the summer for yourself, but it’s best for entertaining. Tell your friends and family that you have a pool and they’ll flock to your home for all the pool parties. So set up your backyard to make room for entertaining. If you have a patio, make sure you have comfortable and aesthetically pleasing patio furniture. Maybe place some pool chairs around the pool or a bench near some of the greener areas. A gazebo could be a perfect combination of seating and shade, and an awning will help protect your friends and family from the most scorching suns of summer.

Natural Decor

Going for a natural look with your summer backyard? Consider growing vines around your trellis and fences, especially flowering vines like jasmine or trumpet vines. Smooth stepping stones can lead from garden areas towards the pool, or boulders can be placed amidst the greenery to give it a less manicured and more organic look.

Soft Lighting

Want to keep the pool party going even after the sun goes down? You’ll want lighting, but you can blend this seamlessly into your design. Small strings of lights can be hung above the pool and any seating areas. Paper lanterns are also a popular soft choice that still looks a little light and summery. And of course, tiki lights are always a classic summer lighting option.

A new pool might just be what you need to inspire your backyard’s summer vibes. The design you choose is up to you, but Donnelly Pools LLC has you covered when it comes to in-ground summer pools. Our pools will be sure to make a splash this summer, providing you with refreshing fun as well as the perfect opportunity for ringing in the end of the pandemic with a pool party. Contact Donnelly Pools LLC today to learn more or order your own pool.

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