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Find The Perfect Pool Design Company To Build Your Dream Pool

Looking for the perfect backyard oasis? Then look no further than Donnelly Pools. We're an innovative, full-service pool construction company with years of experience in designing and building pools to fit a wide range of needs--from basic to fully custom swimming pools! Browse through our gallery below or give us a call today at (979) 229-8038.

Not All Pool Companies Are The Same!

All pools are built according to city code, but at Donnelly Pools, we go above and beyond by reinforcing any stress areas. We use strategic management when placing plumbing, electrical, and any equipment to capitalize on materials, costs, and efficiency. Our swimming pool design options range from basic to fully custom pools with unique features. We have proudly served the greater Brazos county area for many years with quality products at competitive prices and we have seen quite a few trends come and go. We always listen to our customer's input on how they would like their pools to look as well as what best suits them. Whether it's a complete renovation or new construction, we can build your dream pool from the ground up. We work closely with each customer to ensure their vision for their future oasis comes alive.

Choosing The Best Pool Contractors

Donnelly Pools is dedicated to the proper installation of everything from heating systems to decorative waterfalls that will transform any backyard into an oasis! We offer homeowners a variety of options when building their pool, with unique customization tailored just for them. Donnelly offers a complete design service that brings you from your vision to your final product- all at an unbeatable value! We take pride in our workmanship, being one of the most trusted names in Central Texas pool builders.

How To Choose The Right Pool Builder

Choosing the right pool builder for your needs can be a daunting task. There are so many factors that you need to consider, from what style of pool you want to how much time and money you have available. But don't worry – we've got the questions for you! Here are some of our top questions to ask any potential pool builder before signing on with them:


1) What type of pools do they specialize in?

2) How long has this company been in business?

3) Do they offer financing options?

4) What kind of warranty is offered on their workmanship?

Custom Pool Builders in College Station

Donnelly Pools will not only make sure every design detail is perfect - they'll also literally help you put on sunscreen! Unique and one of a kind in Bryan College Station, TX as well as the surrounding Brazos County, our seasoned professionals at Donnelly Pools are passionate about helping clients meet their goals through informed design solutions that meet budget constraints.

Donnelly Pools understands everything it takes to build a pool. From excavation to plastering, from tile setting to liner installation the job is seen through from start to finish. Their hard work and willingness to go the extra mile for you is why they've become leaders in the industry.

Building Your Dream Pool

Donnelly Pools offers a wide range of swimming pool design services to meet your needs. From basic pools with all the necessities, such as plumbing and electrical equipment, to fully customized designs that include unique features like waterfalls, lighting, and landscaping; we have you covered! Browse our gallery below for some examples from previous projects.

Donnelly Pools is more than just a company that builds and designs swimming pools. When you come to us for your next pool, we will go the extra mile by reinforcing any potential stress areas, managing plumbing with care so as maximize materials costs and efficiency while minimizing hassle points when building an in-ground or above ground pool of any size--from basic right up through fully custom backyard oasis! Browse our photo gallery below to see some of the beautiful projects we've completed over time. We can also add lighting features and landscaping to complete your backyard paradise.

How Much Will Your Pool Cost?

The cost of a pool is not always just the initial investment. The average family spends $3,600 on chemicals and maintenance for their pool each year. Donnelly Pools builds pools that are affordable as well as effective - with efficient, cost-cutting technology that has long been the hallmark of a Donnelly Pool. A pool is a beautiful addition to any backyard but it can also be an expensive investment. Donnelly Pools understands that the cost of owning a pool goes beyond the initial purchase which is why they build designs that are both affordable and energy-efficient. For more than 10 years Donnelly Pools has been installing pools with state-of-the-art technology that not only reduces operating costs but is guaranteed to increase your enjoyment. 

Outdoor Family Fun Awaits!

Do you love the idea of spending your summer relaxing poolside? Imagine yourself lounging in a chair while your kids enjoy swimming with their friends? Now imagine that scene without having to go through all those long and tiring hours spent on building a pool. When you invest in a Donnelly Pool, you get all the fun, none of the hassle, and an outdoor living oasis to last a lifetime. Don't waste your time with other pool companies - Contact Us Today!


Pool Gallery

Donnelly Pools proudly uses Hayward products.

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